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Steady Eddie

“Steady Eddie” Todd is a longtime drummer and drum instructor in the Wilmington and Cape Fear region. He is known for his rock solid and exciting drumming in many noted bands over more than three decades, including his namesake band, the Steady Eddies.

Eddie is a musician’s musician, respected and sought after for his comprehensive knowledge and abilities in all styles of music. This includes his longstanding work with The Music Loft on South College Road and his wide-ranging discography. Name a song, he knows it and can play it. He was The Man at SchoolKids Records for many years, and he even ran his own record store called Eddie’s Discs.

Foremost among all of his accomplishments is his reputation as southeastern North Carolina’s most prolific drum teacher. Everybody has learned from Steady Eddie. He loves teaching! He has a passion and a gift for drum instruction, including patience. As one of his raving fan students, I can attest to this firsthand. If he can teach an old dog like me, he can teach anyone! Eddie not only gives me the technique, he emphasizes musicality and gives me confidence. He helps me to feel good about my progress and my playing. I leave Eddie’s realizing that it was not just a drum lesson. I call it “drum therapy.”

And Eddie is humble. He would never have written an About section like this one. I had to sign my name to it for him to let me post it on his website. I am happy to.

– Michael Byrd, drummer, student, fan

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